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Public Scrap Yards

We have a public scrap yard in Camrose and one in Drayton Valley. Our prices are based off of Edmonton and everything is weighed on the scale so that we can always guarantee fair pay. Our yards are well laid out and easy to navigate. 

Farm Cleanups

With experience farming, we understand the challenge of maintaining a clean and efficient farm - that's how we can offer specialized farm cleanup services. Old equipment, abandoned structures, or overgrown fields, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

Cleanup service is either free or with a payment for you, depending on quantity. 

Oil Field Cleanups

We do boneyard or facility dismantling clean up, as well as new construction scrap. We take any oilfield scrap metal including yellow jacket. We have ISN, ComplyWorks, and personnel have all necessary safety tickets, training, and PPE.

Roll Off Bins

If you have a steady supply of scrap iron, we will leave a rolloff bin at your business and pay per tonne. We can also come by periodically and cleanup your scrap as well. We can pick up and drop off 2 bins at a time with a trailer. 

Bin Sizes: 4, 20, 30, 40 yard options 

We have bins for garbage and steel. Bins for garbage have lids and side doors. 

4 yard

30 yard

20 yard

40 Yard

Shop Services

- Portable mechanical services
- Custom welding 
- Plasma cutting 
- Fabricating truck scales

We have done demolitions in many industries (oilfield, mining, industrial, commercial, and farm). Some demolitions we have done are mining drag lines, power plants, old farm houses, and commercial buildings. 


Pilot Services 

We offer pilot services for long haul trucking within Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. 

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